Friday, January 22, 2016

 You know I love Toast.  Really the easiest, most useful little project.
I just love to wear them.  Inside or outside.  It's just that little extra warmth I need most winter days.
The pattern is always above under the "patterns" tab.
Or on ravelry.
I used Lion Brand Wool Ease for this pair.

Oh.  And that's my word for 2016.  A L I V E .  Be present.  Pay attention.  Be engaged.  Listen.  Do.  See.  Walk through this year with my eyes wide open.  Cause being alive is a miraculous gift.

Happy Weekend Friends!

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  1. Yes indeed. My beloved MIL passed away unexpectedly last summer. I spent a lot of time thinking about how loved she was but how much time she wasted worrying about things that might never happen in a future that now she will never see. I am loved and I am trying to be more present and "alive" in the moment this year as well with those who want to spend time with me now. Thank you for this post. :-)

  2. Being alive is the most wonderful thing that exists.
    To have a family, to love, and being loved, are the main reasons to worth living.
    have a wonderful 2016!

  3. It's been a while since I have made a pair of those and the ones I did went to live somewhere else. Yours look snugly.

  4. The simplest knitting can be the best. Sometimes I wonder why we knitters over complicate our projects with all the fancy business.

  5. I like your word.

  6. Anonymous1/23/2016

    So do you draw too???

  7. I agree, toast is exactly like it's namesake- simple but perfect. Which reminds me, i need to make a new pair! And your word for the year is perfect, I love the illustration you're working on.

  8. I'll have to make some of these. I'm always looking for a way to break the slight chill I have, mostly in my hands. Also, seems like something I could wear and still be working on other things.

    ALIVE - what a great word for 2016!

  9. I like how you styled them in its pattern page and how you did in the second photo.

  10. They're very pretty! I want to make some soon, but with a little hole for the thumb.

  11. your one little word...perfect choice. xo

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