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Monday, January 11, 2016

My sisters and I traveled to Florida last week.  To be with my mother and say goodbye to a couple of places that have been special to us for a very long time.  I didn't realize how emotional this would be until I was on the airplane flying home.  And the floodgates opened and just wouldn't stop. 
Jupiter Florida.  My parents have had a place there for over 35 years.  My blog documented the last time I was there.  August of '07.   I was shocked it had been so long.  That place holds a million little memories.  And now it will start memories for someone else as we said our final farewell.  
Vero Beach.  My parents have lived there for 16 years.  They moved into their dream house a couple of months before my Andrew was born.  We spent every spring break and a summer vacation there every year.  My mom and I spent many hours knitting side by side.  
{Andrew, Libby, Charlie,  April '09}
Vero Beach has been such a big part of our lives.  I guess I just didn't realize it until I sat down on the airplane.  (Oh boy.  My poor seat mate.) 
Now that my mom is on her own, she will start a new chapter in Orlando near my wonderful sister, Shelly.  (What?!  No beach!)  
The move starts many new beginnings and adjustments.  
As I sat on the airplane crying and thinking of all that has been, I decided to dry my tears and treasure and be excited for all of what is now.  

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  1. Oh Leslie! That must have been so hard. I am so glad your mom is closer to your sister now and yes, you can start making wonderful new memories.
    You still have the old ones too, which is a gift in itself, but doesn't mean the change isn't hard.

  2. lots of love to you, leslie. xo.

  3. Sitting here with tears running down my face in remembrance of a similar time with my (our) mom. Moved her from West Palm Beach Fla. to Atlanta Ga. to be closer to my sister after dad passed away. I know the flood of memories you are feeling, the good times and now a time of change. It is a blessing to have daughters like your mom has who are taking care of her and there for her at this precious time of her life. I am so glad you girls will have new memories and absolutely no regrets, it is a wonderful thing.

  4. Life is so funny, we think everything will stay the same, but everything changes, and so much faster as we get older, and our parents get older. It's hard to let go. We need to enjoy every moment of life. For the memories. Jennifer

  5. Sending love sweet Leslie!😘

  6. I grew up in Martin county. My folks have since moved to Connecticut, but my sister moved to Jupiter. I'm thankful that I still have the opportunity and good reason to head back there from time to time. I hope Orlando is good for your mom and sister. My favorite beach from Orlando is the Canaveral National Seashore, on the New Smyrna side. Totally worth the drive.

  7. Oh, that is a difficult change! It's hard when a place holds so many amazing memories and it feels like life won't be the same. But there will be new memories, new special places. And all the treasured memories and photos of that place will always belong to you and your family.

  8. Anonymous1/12/2016

    The winter park farmers market in Orlando is so great. I hope you get to visit it on a future trip. I have tons of great memories there from when my first two girls were just babies and toddlers. Change is hard but it is good!
    Sam B.

  9. Leslie, grand that you've so many lovely sunny memories to treasure of seaside Florida. It's also good that you all can now begin to collect treasured memories in a different setting.

    Best wishes to you for 2016. xo

  10. We left our beloved beach also - to move closer to my parents. So know many of the emotions you are feeling, Leslie. And in the year or two since we have made the change, it's strange to see how many things are different and yet still so good. God is good. And those knitting times by your Mom's side? I have a feeling still gonna happen for a long long time.....
    hugs and love to you all.

  11. Change is never easy but it brings new life to life! You have a new chalk board to doodle on ;)