a new project

Monday, January 25, 2016

So, I'm over here still working on Madge.  (Soon to start the second sleeve.  Yippee!)  But just couldn't help myself and had to cast on a We Are Knitters kit; the Folie Vest.  I am C R A Z Y about this stitch. It's called the Loop Stitch.  I can't believe that I have never done it.  The first row I was all thumbs.   But it doesn't take long to get going.  
It will soon be a new vest for Libby.
I'm thrilled that she wants me to knit for her.
I knew she would come back around. :)

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  1. Ah, the loops are going to look lovely on Libby. I love a little alliteration. Xo

  2. I didn't know that technique - looking forward to seeing the result!

  3. She is going to look great in this vest!

  4. Wow! LOVE the loops, this is going to be gorgeous! What scrummy wool. :) x

  5. That vest is going to be so cool! Libby has good taste.