Wool And The Gang

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

 Thank you again for all of your heartfelt words, thoughts and prayers about our sweet Trouble.   They mean the world to me.  A piece of my heart is missing.  I just can't believe there hasn't been a single sighting.  But, I will not give up hope.
We have done everything that I think is possible.  Hikes, posters, Facebook, contacting all the authorities, clothes hanging in the yard that may help her smell her way home.  But, now I think we just have to rely on someone else.  That someone will spot her and bring her back home.  The middle of the nights have been hard.  When I lay there and wonder where she is. Is the storm that is passing through scaring her?  Is she is hungry?  Is she looking for us and can't find us?  Then I think about other possibilities.  Is she stuck on something in the forest and can't get free?  Does someone have her and is trying to make her their pet?  Has she been hit by a car?  However, she has tags and is microchipped.  Those are the two things that keep my thoughts positive.
It's the not knowing that is the hardest.

Remember our trip to London?  And our family fun field trip to Wool and the Gang?
I was in awe of their inspiration wall.
That's me and the amazing Ali.  Who graciously showed us around their awesome space.  
 Wouldn't you LOVE a job like this!  Oooooh, yes!
 I just had to get my hands on some Jersey Be Good yarn.  It's made from fabric roll off-cuts from fashion factories in turkey. The local women take the unused ends of the rolls and make them into this yarn.  It could have gone into the landfill, but instead we get to have some fun.  So grateful for that.
The zig zag shopper.  A simple, super fast project, with a big, bang of fun!

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  1. I check every day to see if there have been any updates. Please know so many of us are sending positive thoughts to you and Trouble and wishing for him to find his way home soon.

  2. Still missing? Oh no! Thinking good thoughts.

  3. I'm sorry your dog is still lost. How worried and heartbroken you and your family must be. That neon yarn rocks! I wouldn't mind some of that.

  4. Sending up prayers for Trouble daily. xo.

  5. Carolina225/28/2015

    I'm so sorry she is still missing. Also praying she will be found.

  6. Priscilla5/28/2015

    Leslie, I'm so sorry to hear that Trouble is still missing. I'm sending lots of positive thoughts your way for a safe return.

  7. So sorry for the loss of your sweet dog; I've been there, and it's so heart-breaking.

    What a fun trip to Wool and the Gang! That would, indeed, be a dream job.

  8. Maybe Trouble found a nice human to visit, but upon arrival was very hungry and a bit dirty. Maybe this nice human wanted to give Trouble a bath and some kibble and a chance to rest before heading to a vet to scan for a micro chip. I'm crossing my fingers this is the case, because I would be a complete wreck if my dog disappeared and I know your heart must be absolutely crushed right now. I hope Trouble comes home soon!

  9. someone may have made her their pet, i did hear a story of this happening and how the actual owners had to involve police to their dog back. maybe contact all the vets in the area...ask if anyone has brought in a dog fitting trouble's description for a check up? or visit local dog parks etc. never lose hope. i know if millie was lost i would go crazy...but you just cannot lose hope. many rescue groups are good at finding lost dogs too. maybe they can help?