after school spread

Friday, May 01, 2015

No one liked the dough.  I almost didn't bake them.
However, I didn't like the thought of wasting the ingredients so decided to give it a go.  
A little less sugar for my lovelies and they never knew it.  They were a hit! 
 Ever since I traveled to Greece I have been a big fan of Tzatziki.  I forgot for a while but as soon as the thought entered my mind, I had to make it.
 Served with baked pita chips, carrots, broccoli, red peppers and those gluten free cookies.
It all made for a perfect after school snack which still just happens to be one of the best parts of my day.

Happy weekend friends!
{We will be celebrating the Derby on Saturday and Andrew's confirmation on Sunday.  Yippee!}

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  1. those cookies look delicious! and that is quite the awesome snack spread.

  2. I have always eyed Tzatziki at Trader Joe's. We finally got to try it after I tried a Greek chicken taco recipe in the slow cooker. It is delicious, although me and husband only liked it.

  3. I made those cookies on the weekend and they were delicious! Thanks!

  4. Leslie--what great timing! Was just diagnosed with Celiac two weeks ago and am having to rethink ~everything~. And this from the girl who has baked her way through your entire cookie repertoire! I'm trying to see it as a grand adventure and as a reason to spend even more time in my kitchen reworking all these delicious recipes! Anywho, was thrilled to see this cookie recipe in your lovely space here! Question: is that a jam on top? I'm looking at them on my phone and can't really tell...

    1. Oh no! So sorry. I'm gonna try to post more gluten free treats. :-). Yes! It's blackberry jam. I like your attitude as seeing it as a new adventure. Hugs!

  5. I could just eat up your Photos.

  6. Oh dear! Have to make these cookies.. Thanks for sharing!

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