Friday, May 29, 2015

Well, I'm pretty sure I am not going to make my goal of finishing my sweater by the end of the month.  Just half a sleeve left to go.  And the neckline.  
Setting a new goal:  the end of next week.  
I have been thinking about my new project and debating on making this. I bought the pattern just not the yarn, yet.  
If you have some extra time this weekend, I highly recommend making these cookies. But for my gluten free friends, these are full of gluten.  Sorry.   I have declared that they have been my favorite that I made for a long time.  (I used the Orange Cranberries from Trader Joes.)

Oh, and I've (well, we've) been busy making pallet tables.  Can't wait to tell you all about it.  

Hope you have a fun yarn filled weekend.  

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  1. Your sweater looks beautiful so far. Good job. :-)

    - Audra from A Path to Create, Not Find

  2. Anonymous5/29/2015

    I've queued that pattern as well. Can't wait to see your yarn choice!

  3. Such a beautiful sweater! I looked at your next project and it reminds me a little of the one I am hoping to do soon, the Easy Folded Poncho by Church Mouse Yarns. I hope your weekend is full of lots of yarn goodness too--and the recipe looks so yummy and I might just give it try this weekend. I hardly ever bake anymore.....

  4. Terrific progress on this jumper. I like your cookie styling. I am hankering for oatmeal cookies again. Our need to pack is impeding everything else.

  5. Pallet tables sound fun. I love all that rustic chic furniture. Nice knitting too.

  6. can't wait to see this finished and to hear about your tables. i know a guy that has access to a lot of pallets! ;)

  7. Your sweater is looking so awesome!! It takes however long it takes, right? And I'm excited to hear about these pallet tables!

  8. Anonymous5/30/2015

    Beautiful job so far. Love your suggested next project - the Yoga Shawl. I want to knit that one too.

  9. Anonymous5/31/2015

    the yoga shawl looks amazing, i'm going to put it in my queue too, great to have the suggestions of others to find new patterns.Joy

  10. Maureen5/31/2015

    Love your sweater...and especially love the color - perfect for you! I've knit the folded poncho by Church Mouse Yarns - perfect for mindless knitting...miles and miles of stockinette - but it's all good, right? Thanks for another delicious cookie recipe! Happy knitting!

  11. I want my mister to make a pallet table-details, please!

  12. Keep those cookie recipes coming! In spite of my Celiac, as Chief Baking Officer of my family, I will continue to take joy in baking for them and feeling warm & fuzzy in witnessing their happiness & satisfaction. Some of their most favorites I found all thanks to YOU! As for me, I feel SO much better that at this point, I don't miss all the goodies. Now that school is over, I have surrounded myself with cookbooks to learn how to make some sweet & savory goodness that I can enjoy and feel good about. It'll be a wonderful adventure! Btw, your "bars to go" are now a staple in our house! I buy the certified gluten free oats and ~voila~ a treat we can ALL enjoy. Yumm!
    Thank you sweet girl.