simple stripes sweater

Friday, August 12, 2022

This is without a doubt one of those sweaters that when it came off the needles I slipped it on and felt a huge "I LOVE THIS SWEATER" sort of feeling!

Is it the softness of the yarn?  Definitely.
Is it the weight of the yarn?  Absolutely.
Is it the colors?  Um, YES.
Is it the delicious visual candy?  Of course!
Is it the fit of the sweater?  Y.  E.  S.  

I've made this sweater before in a brighter palette and didn't think that one could be topped.  But for this time of year, this will certainly be the one I gravitate towards.  
I love how each mini  has its own show going on.  Some gave a soft speckle (SPARKLE!)  and some gave a more bold speckle. (SPARKLE!) And some just did a little stripe dance all on their own.  

I knew I liked this pattern because of my first go around.  And this just confirmed what a great pattern it was.  And although I adore stripes and the feeling that comes once a color is completed, I'd love to try this out in some sort of a solid yarn or variegated yarn.  My mind has been racing with ideas.  

 Pattern:  Simple Stripes by Suvi Knits
Needles:  US 4
Size:  M
Mods:  The pattern is written for 5 colors and repeat of the colors 3x.  However, the Perfect Palette comes with 15 mini's in 15 luscious colors.  For this version, I omitted 3 of the colors in order to make it a little shorter.  Each body stripe has 13 rows and each arm stripe has either 10 or 11 rows depending on how much yarn I had.  I'm not too fussy in the fact that they both have to match perfectly and in the end they both ended up the same length.  

You can see this sweater in action during this YouTube episode.

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  1. I am on my third stripe using Hedgehog Fibre and the stripe colors are so fun!

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