eat cake

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Hi!  In my blogging lifetime (almost 16 years!  WHAT?!)  I have mentioned how summer tends to kick my butt and this summer is no different.  You know when your kids fly the coup and you think life will probably slow down?  Well, I'm here to tell you it doesn't.  And, I am totally okay with that.  I currently have two children at home and I am loving every minute.  Andrew has been home since December as he took a semester off of school and in June I flew to Denver and drove home with Libby.  Libby will be home until September and then she will be moving to Madrid for at least a year to teach English.  
(Super exciting times!)

The other day Libby was asking why cake isn't made more often.  It's true.  I don't know about you, but I only make cake for birthdays.  Or holidays.  Or I make a breakfast cake.  Like banana bread, or zucchini bread or coconut bread, but those are really considered bread so those don't count.   I never whip out the Kitchen-aid mixer and make a good old fashioned vanilla cake for no reason.  
Libby and I decided we should change that!  Libby scoured the internet and found a recipe that looked delicious but required amounts of ingredients that we did not have, so she cut the recipe in half.  
And let me ask the question... Why isn't that done more often either?  Because hey!   A single layered cake is the perfect size for dessert.  You know, just to satisfy the cake craving!  

My heart grew a few sizes when Libby wanted to make a stencil to decorate the cake just like I have for all those years decorating birthday cakes.  

Eat Cake!  

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  1. Definitely eat cake! Also, I love the colors in that sweater.

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