stephen west MKAL21

Friday, October 08, 2021

Today is the day! First Clue of the Stephen West Mystery Knitalong has hit my inbox.  It's sort of like Christmas morning... I couldn't wait to get out of bed!

 This year's MKAL is named Shawlography.  There were kits available for purchase but I went stash diving as Stephen suggests.  Mmmmmm.  I guess this pallet was just waiting for this project.  
Most of these yarns were from my Knitcrate Subscription.  I have grown quite a stash because of it.  (As always if you would like to receive 20% off your first crate use code FKW20 at checkout.)
The purple color is from when Sandy from by the Lakeside was dying yarn.  I think its been patiently waiting for this project all along. 

Happy weekend, Friends!  It's fancy cocktail night!  

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  1. I have to finish a test knit before I can cast on but I did sneak a peek at his test knitter's postings of their finished clue 1's on Ravelry and I love it!