creeping fig boxy pullover

Wednesday, November 03, 2021

First off... I can't believe that today is Libby's 24th Birthday!  TWENTY FOUR?!!!!  How can that be?  Wasn't she just four?!!!  And wasn't I just 24?!!!

And, I know, I know, this isn't much of a boxy sweater as the name suggests. And, I absolutely fell in love with this sweater because of its boxiness and that is the beauty of the Creeping Fig BOXY Pullover.  However, while I was knitting it, I decided my wardrobe had a lot of boxy already.

It didn't really dawn on me until I was envisioning wearing this and the look I wanted to achieve and that is when I decided to take out the "box".  I suppose that is how ideas come to life.  

This truly was a joy to knit with the squishiest yarn.  There was a lot of "play" in the fibers so the actual fit wasn't achieved until I blocked this sweater.    

I absolutely adore the cable detail along the raglan.  Just enough detail to make it extra special.  
And this yarn feels dreamy on my skin.  No scratch at all!  
I can only imagine that this will now be on continuous rotation in my closet. 
Always up near the top of the pile!

BTW... I had the pleasure of meeting Beth MacDonald Stone at Rhinebeck.  More on that soon!  

Needle:  US size 7 and 8
Size:  S

Thoughts and Modifications:

I bought this as a kit and joined a knitalong hosted by the girls at Knitting Posse. (Love them!)

It was such a fun knit with a combination of the sweater I like to knit; a little bit of detail to keep things interesting with some cruise control knitting thrown in.

I did make some modifications while I was knitting and pondering what I wanted to add to my wardrobe.  

After reading other reviews, I decided to go up a needle size for the neck.  So, I used a size 7 needles for all of the ribbing (AND DID A TWISTED RIB) and a size 8 needle for the sleeves and body.

I cast on 76 stitches (instead of 64) to make a slightly bigger neck and after the completion of the ribbing, decreased 12 stitches around on last row.  Then I followed the size 1 directions until the split at the underarms.

Instead of the increases to make the sweater boxy, I decided to make a more fitted sweater.  I bound off at raglan by k2tog, Bind off, K2tog, BInd off (6X)  178 stitches remainded and I joined to work in the round.  

For the sleeves, I decreased 10 stitches.  (40 st) and knit straight until 5 inches before the total length I wanted, then knit in twisted rib for 5".  

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  1. This is a lovely sweater - and I like it better, being less boxy!

    1. Thank you SO much Bridget. I definitely decided it would get more use this way! Happy knitting, friend. xx


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