pop-life no. 4

Thursday, October 07, 2021

Yep. I love a Pop-Life Cardigan!
My final (for the time being) Pop-Life Cardigan was finished for my niece.  I hope she loves it as much as me.  

I have a new video up over on YouTube if you are interested in hearing me talk about it.  (Wearing Dirty Denim.)  
It truly is a quick knit and a very versatile sweater to wear.  

Wearing Reclaimed Blue.  Hanging from my hand on the left is Dirty Denim.  Two on my right are Washed Out Denim.  
Needles:  US 8/ US 11
Size:  I finally heard back from Wool and the Gang.  I purchased this pattern when it was a OneSize pattern.  They currently have 6 sizes.  The size I am wearing is equivalent to the Size 2.

Modifications and Helpful Tips:
• Use bamboo needles.
• This size takes 5 balls of Billie Jean cotton.
• If the yarn is twisted too tightly, re roll it by hand into a ball.  This helps take out the twist and makes the yarn much softer! 
• Knit the fronts and the sleeves simultaneously.
• To achieve this length, knit 18 rows of rib and then knit 62 rows for the fronts before the neck increases.
• Knit the back in one piece by joining the fronts after you cast on the stitches for the neck.
• To achieve this length for back, knit 68 more rows (including the increase for neck rows) for a total of 130 rows and then knit the 18 rows of rib on back piece.
• Knit the sleeves simultaneously.
• Sleeves are NOT knit in reverse stockinette.
• Knit rib on sleeves for 18 rows.  Then knit 40 rows before binding off.  The increases end after 56 stitches omitting 2 of the increase for a total of 4 stitches.
• Front band is 200 stitches by picking up 1 stitch in every row.
• When binding off band, decrease by knitting 2 together along neck edge while binding off.  (Neck edge = where you cast on the 12 stitches along neck.
• Fold your sweater to match the front rib to the bottom rib and seam the ribs together at the sides. 
• Continue up side seam for a few inches. 
• Fold sleeve together and match the center stitch of sleeve to the center stitch of shoulder.  Start here seaming sleeve to body of sweater.

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