happy new year!

Friday, January 08, 2021

Well, Hello Friends!  Happy New Year!

It's hard to believe that it's already page 8 of your 2021 365 page book!  

Through these uncertain and changing times it is so nice to focus on what is constant in my life.  Family, food and knitting are at the top of the list.  Thank you God for knitting!  I decided to gather all of my sweaters that I knit in 2020 and they are pictured above.

From bottom to top:
1.  One Lovely Sweater  in white
4.  One Lovely Sweater in grey
5.  Miromisnil 
9.  Frida
11.  Flower Power Cardigan (Blog post coming soon.)
12.  Mousseux  (Blog post coming soon.)
13.  Be Thankful Cardigan  (Not pictured above.)

It's safe to say that Knitting was an incredible force in my life in 2020.  

I'll be back to share some of my knitting goals for 2021.  (Thank you for prompting me to make them, Nadine!)

I wish you all the health, peace, love, happiness and projects on your needles for 2021.  

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  1. Hi, Leslie,
    Would you consider doing a video showing all of these sweaters? I know you have done a few with individual items, but it would be so interesting to hear you talk about them in "bulk". They are all so beautiful and I commend you on your work. Knitting has been such a blessing to me this year and I'm happy it has been for you as well!

    1. Hi PT! Yes! That is a fabulous idea! Happy New Year! xx

  2. Do you have a favorite/one your wear the most?

    1. Hands down, FRIDA! I just love how its a little trendy and of course how it is black! hahaha! But in all honesty, it's so light yet warm. I adore it! Happy New Year! xx