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Thursday, December 17, 2020

• We were part of "Gail" that hit the Northeast yesterday and today.  We received about 12-14" and it is so beautiful!  
 •I made caramels for the first time ever.  They are pretty easy to make but mine turned out a bit hard.  I'm going to try to remelt the caramel to try to soften them.  I don't want anyone pulling out a filling! Wish me luck.
• I filmed and uploaded Episode 13 of my Podcast.  If you want a free pattern for TOAST mitts head on over for the coupon code.  You still have time to make a few for gifts or a special pair for yourself!

• I still have plenty of shopping ahead of me.  How about you?

• I plan on finishing the body of Mousseux this week.  That's the goal anyhow. :)

Happy Day to YOU! 

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