Monday, January 11, 2021


adjective ::  (of wine) sparkling.
  1. "vin mousseux"
noun  ::  sparkling wine.

  1. Well, well, well.  A word I had never heard but came to love rather quickly! 🥂

This is a pattern from Espace Tricot that when I saw, I knew I immediately wanted to make!  I loved everything about it so decided to knit it in the exact same yarn/color.  The yarn is dreamy but I never met a mohair I haven't loved!  
 I did make a few modifications which I will explain further on my podcast.  But basically, I wasn't happy with how it was looking on a US size 8 even though I was getting gauge.  So, I ripped it out.  Ouch!  Ripping mohair can be a bit challenging!  (I did receive a message over on Instagram telling me to pop it in the freezer next time before ripping.  Apparently, it helps with the process! -Thanks Caitlin!)   So, I dropped down to a 7 and therefore had to adjust the pattern.  I cast on for a size 2 but needed to jump up to a size 4 stitch count in order to get the 44.75" measurement at the bust.  (44.75" is a size 2.)  I adjusted the increase rows, increasing more each increase row until I was at the correct number of stitches for the size 4 before separating for the sleeves.  
And because I was knitting on a size 7 needle, I was going through yarn quicker. Because of this I wasn't going to have enough yarn to knit a full length sleeve.  I contemplated buying more yarn but decided to try to make do with what I had.  

I ended up making the sleeve length 3/4 and I actually adore the way it turned out.  

At one point I thought it was going to be a very boxy sweater but after a light blocking not only was I able to adjust the body,  it truly bloomed into what I was hoping it would be.  

Basically, I love how this ended up and it truly feels as light as a feather.  Did I mention the pattern is FREE!  

Pattern:  Mousseux
Yarn:  4 skeins Espace Tricot Halo in Opera  (2 strands held together throughout)
Size:  2 (See above.)
Needles:  US 7
Mods:  Mentioned above.  

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