turtle dove

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Have you seen this pattern?  I'm truly and utterly in love.
I'm not a turtleneck person at all.  I just don't like anything permanent around my neck.  I can do a scarf or a cowl because I know I can remove it if I get too confined.  I just don't go for a turtleneck.
That is until I saw Turtle Dove.  It's just so beautiful.  And the yarn is to die for.  It's knit top down, and I'm about to separate for the sleeves.
Turtle dove + morning Celery Juice = A beautiful way to start a day!

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  1. i have been looking at this pattern on Raverly to knit. And after seeing your think I will have to cast on.

    1. oh gigi! i don't think you will be sorry! it's a great pattern. and a sweater i think will be worn A LOT! xx

  2. What a great knit! I'm guessing the yarn is super soft, too.