Monday, December 31, 2018

Oh goodness.  Hello!  I wanted to get here to wish you all a very merry Christmas, but the time slipped away from me.  I do hope everyone had a wonderful holiday doing what makes you most happy!  
I love a good handmade holiday.  Growing up, we made a lot of gifts for each other, so that truly is when my heart is most happy.  I made a few things; peppermint lip scrub for a bunch of peeps, 1 pair of Motive mitts for one sister, and a pair of sheet pants for the other sister.  (I had that idea on Christmas Eve day to sew and I spent the majority of the day trying to put my sewing machine back together and finally sewing them! Ugh!  Sometimes I get on my own nerves! 😬)
My sisters both came for a visit on the 26th which was awesome.  And, my sister Shelly came bearing these awesome headbands.  

One for my niece Kelli, one for me, one for my sister Lisa, and one for Libby.  We all squealed when we opened the package.  They are fabulous!
Pattern:  The Soleil   (My sister used the yarn that the pattern called for.)

Happy New Year dear friends!  May 2019 be one awesome year for you!

xx, leslie

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  1. I like the sound of those lounge pants 😍

    1. oh dianne, they are PURE COMFORT! especially if you find a sheet that has been worn in! :) happy new year! xx

  2. I may have to knit one of these cute headbands! I was previously a hat only girl, but since I've been wearing my hair curly I see the appeal of a headband to reduce the hat hair issue.

    1. oh yes! and my sister said they knit up very quickly! i'm gonna try to make one in January, too! xx