turks and caicos

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

  I never thought in a million years I would like to go away in December.  I love to be home.  Especially during December.  And truly, you know, there is just so much more to do than any other time of year.  But honestly, I now believe it to be one of the best times to go away.  
A couple of things I learned about the time right after Thanksgiving and a few weeks before Christmas:
* Most people don't like to travel then.  Makes sense.  Kids are still in school.  College kids are back in school. People may be going away for Christmas break.  
*It just so happens to be when rates are lowest; airlines and hotels.   Makes sense since most people aren't traveling.  And also makes sense for people who can travel then, to travel then! :)
 With an empty nest, it seems like all of those things fit nicely into our travel calendar. 
So, we packed our bags on December 6 and headed to some unbelievably gorgeous water on December 7.
I had never even heard of this Island until about 5 years ago.  Not sure why it was never on my radar.  If you like sun, sand and all the water activities, you will love it here!  Snorkeling was great.  AND, they have horseback riding on the beach.  (But, I'm allergic to horses so we didn't horseback ride. 😀)
The last day, a storm rolled in.  It was a great time to work on Turtle Dove, capturing all of the warmth I could into that sweater.  

I am now fully excited about Christmas.  Both Charlie and Andrew are home and I'm leaving in about an hour to pick up Libby at the airport.  All babies under the same roof tonight!  Yippee!

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  2. I loved watching your holiday 😍 Merry Christmas to you and your family 🎄😘

    1. awe. thank you dianne! merry Christmas to you and YOURS! xx

  3. That looks so amazing, all that beachside knitting! Enjoy the holidays!

  4. On this bitter cold beautiful morning I am finally catching up on your blog after far too long! I really am going to have to get the specifics on this trip as it looks like EXACTLY the kind of place Mack and I should go for our honeymoon! <3 Looks completely ~dreamy~

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