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Friday, April 21, 2017

I went to a baby shower and almost all of the gifts given were little boy baby items with skulls.  Who knew there was quite a selection out there.  I gave her a little black and white striped sleeper but decided to knit her something when the baby was born.  I was pleasantly surprised to find this pattern while perusing Ravelry.   I decided to opt out of the striped sleeves and the hood.  Easy enough.  Instead of picking up the stitches for the hood, I picked up the same amount of stitches and knit for 6 rows.

Pattern:  Baby Goth Knits Hooded Jacket
Yarn:  Uptown Worsted
Needles:  US 5 & 6

Happy Weekend friends!

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  1. That is cute sweater! I had no idea skulls were in for baby clothes, the trends change all the time.

  2. I love this sweater!! So modern, and I agree- fun prints like this are so much more unexpected and whimsical for babies than the typical pastels!

  3. That came out great!! I bet it gets a lot of use.

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