skulls and crossbones

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Ha ha!  I'm giggling how the straight needles (I never use straight... but all of my size 6 circulars are holding projects.) look like crossbones.  Well, sort of.  Get it?  Skulls and crossbones!

This is actually a baby sweater for a friend who recently had a baby and is all about skulls.  The pattern is darling.  But, be warned.  There are no guage or measurement details written in the pattern.  So, I'm flying solo.  I'll be sure to give my measurements when I am finished.  I've swapped out the striped sleeves for solid black.  And, I am leaning towards not adding a hood.

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  2. That's going to be so cute. I like the mods you are incorporating. Who would have thought of putting a wee one in skulls?

  3. I love daredevil sweater

  4. oh my gosh, that baby sweater is already so freaking cute!! I love it!!