more toasty

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Well, I mentioned that I was working on Toasty.
Just Toasty.
All out of this yarn.  Love this yarn for this project.  Hello machine washable and dry-able.  I love the big wide stripes and playing with color combos.  I'm trying a new thumb technique.   I'll share after I finish.  It might just be our new favorite.
The pairs with only two colors, I knit 21 rows of one color and then changed to a contrasting color knitting for 55 rows.
The pairs with three colors, I knit 2 different colors of 21 rows each and then changed to a third color for 34 rows.
This still makes them 11 inches long.
These will all be Valentine gifts.  I have one more pair to knit.
And THEN I'm on to that sweater!

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  1. I agree, they are so lovely! Love the combination of the three pink colors.

  2. Anonymous2/04/2015

    Such a great pattern. I've lost count of how many I've made over the years. Can't beat a good project! XX

    Carly Carter

  3. The colors are so soft and pretty together. Need to add this one to my list.

  4. Gorgeous! I love the 3 colours ones especially. great job!

  5. I might have gasped out loud when I saw these! Is this the remedy to "cold hands, warm heart"?

  6. Maureen2/04/2015

    I've made so many of these but never multi-colored - I love them and can't wait for instructions for a new thumb! Thanks so much for sharing...once again!

  7. Can't wait for the thumb tip!!!!

  8. I love the pink combo ones and those greys with the white!

  9. Those are beautiful!!

  10. These are just lovely. I love the pink one and those with the 3 shades of gray. I wonder what a pair in light gray and pink would look like. I do love that color combo.

    .. Laura ..

  11. Anonymous3/02/2015

    Leslie - did you post the new thumb technique? The thumb on my first pair are so tight! Looking forward to seeing what you did as yours came out GORGEOUS!

    tbmccarthy on rav