love day

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I have so much to share about last week.  Including a fabulous yarn shop that we stumbled upon.
But first I wrapped up Toasty.  And past around a little love.
Hope your day was happy.  And you feel it not only on the 14th of February, but every day of your wonderful life.
P.S.  I scrolled down to the February 1st post and now I'm headed to the kitchen to make Chocolate Chip cookies.  Don't do it... unless you want to end up in the kitchen making cookies for dinner.

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  1. Your Toasties look so sweet (without any choc chip cookie calories) and will be keeping some lucky hands nicely cosy.


  2. Such sweet and wonderful gifts!

  3. Oh they look perfect! I need to make a pair of toastys!

  4. I need to finish what is on my needles at the moment as I have an 'itch' to make some toasties before the weather gets too warm!

  5. These love packages are perfecto! I love how you wrapped them up simply with the ribbon and tags. I bet their recipients were delighted.

  6. Anonymous2/19/2015

    Love them!

  7. What lovely gifts. Cute tags too. You mentioned trying out a new thumb. How'd that work out?

  8. They look so cozy! I may just have to make some!!
    Love that you gave them away as gifts, such a sweet gesture. I love giving away handknits, as I feel they have that much more love in them!

  9. Anonymous2/23/2015

    Love your color combinations. A few posts back you mentioned a different thumb technique. Did you like it better than the toasty pattern? And what is it?
    Thank you!

  10. oh gosh, how thoughtful to make all those Toasties.

  11. Julie in NV3/18/2015

    I am heading to San Fran a couple times this year (one in 3 weeks!) Could you share the name of the yarn shop you loved so much?

  12. I'm curious about the new thumbs too! I need to make a few pairs to give as gifts... but if there's a new thumb out there, I definitely want to try it! :-)