Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We're home. Unpacked and somewhat organized.
{My sister made us a glass of liquid sunshine every morning. I seriously need to invest in a juicer.}

I have gone through all the cardigan patterns you shared. They are so good, I have to share them with you.
Dividing them and linking half today and half tomorrow. I think that will be easier for all of us.
Hopefully you will find a new one to make, too!
Norah Gaughan's new pattern booklet. (Thank you, Jess. I love Aeneas, too. Such delicious cables!)
Cassidy by Bonne Marie Burns from Chic Knits. (Thank you, Geri. I really like how fitted this one is.)
Effortless Cardigan by Hahhah Fettig and Quintet by Melissa Wehle. (Thank you, Mandy. They remind me of the slouchy, too! Love those stripes.)
Vitamin D (Thank you MadMad. Hurry up and finish yours so I can see! What color? I love that mustard.)
Perry from Brooklyn Tweed Wool People collection. (Suzanne! Oh how I love it! Thank you! Did you cast on for it yet?)
Levenwick from Wool People and Aidez by Cirilla Rose and Common Ground by Elizabeth Smith. (Barb T, Thank you. They all pique my fancy!)
Pecan Crush and Ardara by Carol Feller's. (Thank you, Cathy. I have a crush on Ardara!)
Heidi Kirrmaiers designs. (Thank you, Maryse. SO many great cardi's there. I have always loved Peasy.)
Aidez has another vote. (Thank you rosieplichta. I think I am in love with that sweater. Please let me know if you write up a pattern for the Siena Cardigan from Sundance!)
Faux Circle Jacket (Thank you, Peppermint Mocha Mama! I love those different stitches.)
Snowbird by Heidi Kirrmaier. (Jan! Thank you. That looks like something I would live in!)
Sullivan by Brooklyn Tweed Wool People Collection. (Thank you, Sarah. That looks like a very wearable cardigan. And could that photo shoot be any cuter! )
Larch Cardigan by Amy Christoffers. (Thank you, Margaux. I really love that a-line shaping.)

Okay. Have fun going through those. I sure did.
See you tomorrow.

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  1. Welcome home!!
    The new banner is so awesome - I don't BELIEVE that pic!!
    These cardi's are all so wonderful - I have many of them in the queue already.
    The one I see you in?
    Ardara - it is so you.

  2. Glad your back. It was fun looking thru the suggestions. Sullivan is still my favorite. I can't waitto see what you pick.

  3. Glad your back. It was fun looking thru the suggestions. Sullivan is still my favorite. I can't wait to see what you pick.

  4. Welcome home - and this list is such an inspiration - thank you!

  5. Oh dear, my queue on Ravelry is about to grow like crazy! What wonderful suggestions, how on earth will you ever pick. Just when you think you've discovered all the cardi's you like on Ravelry... voila, oodles of new ones to love.

  6. Tricia U.8/10/2011

    What a great list! My head is spinning from all the awesome suggestions and we're not even done yet! Seriously, I don't know how I'd pick if I were you. Beautiful trip photos, too. The header? So cool. Tuning in tomorrow...

  7. The pictures of your vacay are beautiful. Thank you for sharing so many great sweater links. I found one that I think I can actually tackle.
    Welcome home. :-)

  8. May I ask for the juice recipe? We just bought a juicer this month. We have been trying different recipes. Thanks for all the great links!!

  9. I love Heidi Kirrmaier's designs! You can't go wrong there. I am trying to finish up Larch now. I'm super excited to wear it this fall. Good luck picking one!

  10. I love everything about the sweaters suggested; my Ravelry gueue is also growing. Tops on my list are still my choices. I finished my Common Ground. It was simple, quick, simple! A very wearable cardigan out of Cascade Eco Wool. I have enough left over for a hat!! Whoopee!

  11. thanks for sharing all those links ... my queue grows!

  12. I have one more for your list...
    The Lily Cardigan by Marie Grace Smith. It's on Ravelry and it definitely looks like something you would wear (or Lisa). I am thinking of making it for my 17yr. old daughter. Nice pics!

  13. What gorgeous color doors! Aqua - teal. I will have to add all those cardigan ideas to my list. Glad you had a relaxing time with your sister and family.

  14. Hey Leslie, glad you're back from vacation. You've posted such lovely pictures from your trip. Great shot of the bird with the starfish you used for your banner. Wow, right place at the right time.

  15. one more cardi... Opposite Pole by Joji.. I'm test knitting it now. and it's AWESOME!.. I think she plans on releasing end of August..

  16. Welcome home...yes, I agree, you should buy a juicer!!
    A huge thank you coming your way - I was really hoping you'd share the assorted patterns, you've saved me time, I appreciate that Leslie!! Nice pics from vacation!

  17. Great pattern list! We just got a juicer as well but have no idea how to use it. I'd love to hear your sister's favorite recipe(s).

  18. Love Perry, hadn't seen that one. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Snowbird is PERFECT! I'll need to find a good yarn though, I have a tough time paying upwards of $120 for yarn. :(

  20. JilliJ8/11/2011

    I was wondering if you would share your "liquid sunshine" recipe too? Pretty please?

  21. What a labor of love these two posts have been! YOU deserve a BIG thank you!! Many knitters will be visiting and re-visiting these awesome project ideas.

    Your vacation looks and sounds perfectly relaxing.