Thursday, March 22, 2007

These two snakes have become fast friends. The one on the right was made for Andrew for his Birthday in November. The one on the left was just made for a friend of ours that is turning five. The pattern is from toys to knit. Honestly, this is such a quick knit I wish I would knit a few to keep in a gift basket so that it would be ready when I needed one. I think it makes a great Birthday gift for any little boy. Unfortunately, I have to separate these two friends this afternoon so that we can deliver it to the Birthday boy.

I ordered these labels from name maker to sew in my handmade things. Until now I have only sewed them into aprons made for gifts or swaps. :) I think they would be great for bloggers to have their names on them. Unless you are a closet blogger. Check out splityarn. She is the chosen advertiser for name maker! Apparently name maker is having some sort of contest showing how you use their labels.

I folded one in half and sewed it in the seam. I think it adds the finishing touch.

And speaking of friends, I am off to our LYS to meet a new one, Keana, whom I met through this amazing blogosphere! Too fun!

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  1. Those buddies are just too cute! I'm so into animals now . . ever since I saw someone knit the Trendsetter Hedgehog. Have you seen those?

    I LOVE the labels! I just ordered some through Charm Woven . . but I like what your supplier has to offer much better. I'm bookmarking that site for when I need to order more. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Anonymous3/22/2007

    Leslie, you make amazing gifts. The snakes are cute and am sure the receipient will enjoy them.

    Great idea with the labels. I love those. I have had it on my list to do for a while but now i get the kick to order mine. Thanks for the motivation.

    Also, Have fun with your friend.

  3. Anonymous3/22/2007

    Delurking to tell you I just found your site and love it already. I've been looking all over for woven labels, and these are great. I also loved your dashing mitts. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Anonymous3/22/2007

    The snakes are fun! Great resource for labels, too. I ordered some years ago from a different supplier and was disappointed with the quality. Will have to try again. Thanks for the link!

  5. Very cute knit project.
    And what a nice touch adding the labels, makes a handmade item even more special.

  6. I like your labels! I also like the way you use them. cute!

  7. Anonymous3/22/2007

    the snakes are great! i have the same labels except mine are woven with green (of course!)

  8. Anonymous3/22/2007

    Have fun with Keana!

    Those are the only snakes I could love - so cute. The labels are great too!

  9. Have I mentioned that you have, once again, outdone yourself! Those snakes are too cute!
    Also it is good to see your labels, I have been meaning to investigate where to get some made, thanks!
    P.s. I love the purse and bunny from you past blogs!

  10. Oh, those snakes are so great! My kids would love them.

    I keep meaning to order labels for my handmade stuff but never get around to it. Maybe this will give me the spark to finally do it! Yours are SO cute!

  11. I need to order labels. Thanks for meeting me today & teaching me how to do cables. I hope that I don't screw up the dashing mitts too badly! Your awesome!!!!
    Love the snakes, when do you find the time?

  12. De-lurking to say these guys are awesome, and I just came to the realization today, reading about you meeting up with your friend Keana, that you must live in or around Pgh. So do I.
    Maybe that sounded creepy, but didn't mean it like that! It was just so strange to have been reading your blog for a while and only now realize this. Not that it matters a LICK, but I guess it was just one of those "what a small world" feelings.
    Again, your blog has to be one of my favorites out there!

  13. I love your snakes! And just ordered myself some of those nifty name tags after seeing them over at splityarn - what a fun thing!

  14. Anonymous3/22/2007

    The labels are a great idea. Especially handy if you give a lot of knitted gifts.

    p.s. yeah, I wasted a lot of vaulable knitting time!! I'm quite cross at myself.

  15. The snakes are so cute! And your dashing mitts look so soft.

  16. Anonymous3/23/2007

    These two snake buddies are just the cutest, I *so* absolutely love them!!! You're right, these are certainly the best perfect gift for any little boy - and girls too perhaps! And the labels are so great too, what a lovely idea!

  17. Love your labels! They definitely make a project look finished. I've been meaning to order some myself for ages, but never have taken the plunge. Maybe soon!