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Thursday, October 05, 2006

After seeing several versions of these from Claudiasblog, knitting iris and Posie Gets Cozy, I new I HAD to have this yarn. As a child, these were my favorite candy! Alicia mentioned that she purchased this yarn from Abundant Yarn.

Of course I called them immediately, and they informed me that that yarn had been discontinued! I was sick. I called my mom and she suggested that I call skacel and see who they sold it to. Well, she did better than that. MY awesome mom got on-line, and found out ALL of their customers, I mean ALL of their customers. She called every yarn store in 20 states................she was on the phone for days. Well, voila, my dear sweet mom (whom I LOVE SOOOOOO MUCH!) found this delicious yarn. She also found the delicious (are they still?) candies!! I was so thrilled. As a child, I ate them one layer at a time. Are they missing the carmel layer? I think so. That was my favorite part.

I decided to make mine knee socks. I am envisioning them peeking their tops out of a pair of boots while wearing a brown skirt! How cute!

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  1. Jen, using size 2 dp, I CO 68 st, k2p2 for 2 inches, changed to k until piece measured 6 inches. I then started dec 5 st per round, every other row and then dec 6 st. 52 st. I then followed my pattern. Let me know if this helps.....I hope so!

  2. Hi,
    I found your blog through the Socktoberfest listing and I absolutely adore your Brach's socks! So cute!! Iagree about the brown skirt too! Keep up the great work!

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  4. Oh my gosh, that are great! That candy brings back all sorts of memories for me too. Congrats on finding the yarn and turning out such a great pair. What is that yarn called?

  5. Anonymous10/08/2006

    this is from mom.what a sweet girl i have to brag on me so. the socks are adorable and so is the knitter.i also love the socks below them that are on my darling granddaughter. love you mom

  6. hi alliesw...the yarn for the socks is trekking xxl color #126

  7. Anonymous10/27/2006

    I Love Brachs candy! Can I purchase these socks from you or a bag of candy from you?