and the little girl LOVES monkeys!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Isn't he adorable!! This morning I decided to wait for my film to be developed....I'll just browse through Barnes and Noble with a coffee. Well, which section do you think I end up in? Of course, knitting books! Just sipping away, I stumble across the CUTEST book of hand knit animals. Low and behold there is a monkey in it. Well my daughter has a Birthday coming up. When? you might say? Friday November 3rd! Hmmmmm...... Yes it is worth a try! These are the kind of compulsive behaviors that drive my mother crazy.............Off to knit!!!!!!

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  1. Anonymous10/31/2006

    You rock not only are you a great knitter but also a thoughtful mommy. Your family must be soooo proud of you.....

  2. Anonymous10/31/2006

    Oh my goodness....Your blog is GREAT. It is now in my favorites. They are right your family is sooo proud of you. Guess who???

  3. Anonymous10/31/2006

    Your family is very lucky to have such a crafty Mom. You rock with the monkey