everyday attitude

Sunday, September 24, 2023

This sweater has truly been my end of summer love. I just love a super wearable wardrobe essential! This truly checked all of my boxes.
I had some stash yarn I had in mind right from the start.  Yarn I ordered from Purl Soho last year during one of their summer sales.  Unfortunately, the yarn was being discontinued and was a close out sale.  Ugh.  

I found this yarn to be lovely.  I used it for my Never Ending Story Sweater and it has worn so beautifully.  Not to mention it feels wonderful on my skin.  So, I was pretty bummed upon learning that it would be discontinued.    
The pattern had a few details that I absolutely adored.  That side seam up there is one of them.  Wow!  What a perfect way to bring together the side seam of striping!  Especially since this sweater is knit in garter.  I just love the texture with the lines...
And the chevron shoulder couldn't be more perfect!

Pattern:  Everyday Attitude by Susanne Sommer
Yarn:  Buttercup Cotton by Purl Soho (Discontinued)
Needle:  US 3
Size:  3 but measures a size 2
Mods: Well, since I was changing yarn I had to do a gauge and figure out what size would give me the measurements I wanted the finished object.  My stitch count was 26 st = 4".

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