corran cardigan

Friday, September 29, 2023

This knit was finished back in June however, I just took photos of it last week! 

Why?  Well, there were several reasons.  First, I couldn't decide on the buttons.  And then, once I decided, I changed my mind and decided I didn't want buttons after all.  So, I sewed the buttonholes closed.  
Then, whenever I tried to wear it, it just wasn't right.  I couldn't find the right outfit.  This came mostly because although it is a mesh fabric, it still was a little too warm for a summer knit.  
And then the weather shifted.  And something magical happened.  The fabric became just right.  Just the right amount of warmth on those crisp days.  

 And now?  Now I think I might want buttons again.  Ha!  But since I have closed up the buttonholes, I may just sew some on for the days I want to wear it closed.  That way, when I want to wear it open I can just easily remove the buttons.  

Jeez.  I never knew I would have so many indecisive thoughts about my Corran Cardigan!  

Pattern:  Corran Cardigan by Creabea
Yarn:  Onling No. 1
Size:  2
Needle Size:  US 6/ US 8
Mods:  The pattern has several options.  You can make a V neck cardigan or a crew neck cardigan.  You can make a short sleeve cardigan or a long sleeve.  I made a v neck cardigan and added 4" to the short sleeve option to make the sleeves longer.  

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