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Friday, July 28, 2023

Have you made a Friend to Friend yet?

Honestly one of the most rewarding knits!  Not only to knit but to wear! 
I spent about a week at my sisters house in Orient, New York at the end of June.  While there, I decided she needed a Friend to Friend as it would be perfect for her mediation practice.  She decided she needed two!  
She is going to have to wait for her second one as my list is long.  I have a growing queue of these fun knits!

I have made 8 so far and now have 6 in the queue.  But they are so easy and fast that as soon as I cast off, I cast back on for a new one!  I actually finished one in Belini today (pictured in rear) and will be casting on for one in Magic Hour this evening!   It's one of those knits that can definitely be made in a weekend.  It's affordable and machine washable.  I throw it in the dryer, too!  Perfect for gift knitting!  

Pattern:  Friend to Friend
Needles:  US 11

Happy Weekend friends!  

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  1. Oh, this one looks so interesting! My neck and shoulders get so chilly!

  2. Anonymous1/01/2024

    Hi Leslie ... I am trying to buy your pattern for this cowl ... but it keeps referring me back through Ravelry, and ultimately on to PayPal. Although it SAYS you can use a credit card, it won't let me complete the sale without setting up a PayPal account, which I don't want to do. Is there any other way to buy this pattern? Thanks!