Pop- Life Cardigan no. 2

Sunday, September 12, 2021

I wear my Pop-Life Cardigan I made almost 5 years ago almost everyday in the summer!  I throw it on over my jammies in the morning and wear it over tank tops and dresses in the afternoon.  These last couple of years, the Pop-Life Cardigan has become the summer version of my Slouchy Cardigan which serves the same purpose in the winter.  

This summer, while Libby was home, she mentioned how much she loved it and would love if I could make her one.  I was IN!  
To me, it's that easy breezy sweater that just feels good.  Sort of like that favorite pair of blue jeans.  And it's all due to the yarn!
I made a few modifications for this Pop-Life and I plan on continuing these mods on the next couple I make.  Yes.  I have two more in the wings.  Maybe three.  That's how much I love this sweater.

Yarn:  Billie Jean  in Washed Out Denim
Needles:  US 8/US 11
Size:  Here's the thing.  When I purchased this pattern 5 years ago it was a One Size.  I noticed on Ravelry that there are now different sizes.  I have an email out to Wool and the Gang asking what this One Size is equivalent to in their new sizing.  I"ll keep you posted.

Modifications and Helpful Tips:
• Use bamboo needles.
• This size takes 5 balls of Billie Jean cotton.
• If the yarn is twisted too tightly, re roll it by hand into a ball.  This helps take out the twist and makes the yarn much softer! 
• Knit the fronts and the sleeves simultaneously.
• To achieve this length, knit 18 rows of rib and then knit 62 rows for the fronts before the neck increases.
• Knit the back in one piece by joining the fronts after you cast on the stitches for the neck.
• To achieve this length for back, knit 68 more rows (including the increase for neck rows) for a total of 130 rows and then knit the 18 rows of rib on back piece.
• Knit the sleeves simultaneously.
• Sleeves are NOT knit in reverse stockinette.
• Knit rib on sleeves for 18 rows.  Then knit 40 rows before binding off.  The increases end after 56 stitches omitting 2 of the increase for a total of 4 stitches.
• Front band is 200 stitches by picking up 1 stitch in every row.
• When binding off band, decrease by knitting 2 together along neck edge while binding off.  (Neck edge = where you cast on the 12 stitches along neck.
• Fold your sweater to match the front rib to the bottom rib and seam the ribs together at the sides. 
• Continue up side seam for a few inches. 
• Fold sleeve together and match the center stitch of sleeve to the center stitch of shoulder.  Start here seaming sleeve to body of sweater.

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  1. Thank you so much Leslie! Because of your previous post I ordered this kit to make for my college student granddaughter and know I'll probably want to make one for myself too! I just printed out your notes to use when I'm knitting. TY again! Kristen

    1. Yay! I bet she will LOVE it. I still haven't shipped Libby hers yet! hahahah It feels so good to wear! Happy Knitting, Kristen! xx

  2. Totally influenced by you and ordered one for myself! I can’t wait for it to get here. Thanks for all the helpful tips, too.

    1. Yay! You are about to have some happy mail day! Have fun... let me know if you can't understand some of my notes! ๐Ÿงก

  3. Thank you, Leslie, this is a HUGE help. I just finished my 2 sleeves and joined for the back. Can't wait to wear this!

    1. Yay! Please keep me posted on your progress! xx