twenty five

Monday, September 28, 2020

It's pretty crazy that I have a 25 year old. I remember blogging back here in 2007 when my Charlie turned 12. How does time pass so quickly. And more importantly, why?

 There weren't 25 balloons this year, but since I was so happy to have Charlie home on his Birthday, I had to decorate with a few!  Chicken Scallopini, baked potatoes and salad requested for dinner.  

I've been making "age" cakes since forever.  Super easy and fun.  But only for the kids! Bahahahaha!
Chocolate cake with vanilla frosting.  I actually feel like I am 25 so this is hard to believe!
This year there was a new (welcome) addition to the party.  I'm calling this the Covid-Cupcake.  

It's a welcome addition to any party.  Even when it's your baby who is the one spitting on a cake! :)

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