my scrubbie making obsession

Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Okay... I truly love making these things!

Here is why:

• They take about 15 minutes, give or take a few. 
• I can get about 15 scrubbies out of one ball of this yarn and about 5 out of this yarn.
• They are colorful.
• They make amazing gifts.
• They make me happy.  
• They are useful.
• They make washing dishes FUN!  ( I mean it!!!)
• They clean my dishes better than a dish cloth.  (And I am now a pro at washing dishes.)
• They can also serve as a shower exfoliant.  
• They make me feel VERY productive!

It's time,  friends, to get your scrubbie on! 
Just think about wrapping a few in a cellophane bag and tying it with a yarn bow.  (So cute for the holidays.)
And my sister and I thought about giving a white scrubbie with a rectangular cloth scrubbie  as a gift with a handmade soap.  They make the perfect bathroom partner.  The round to exfoliate your face and the rectangle to exfoliate your body.  ❤️


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  1. Reading your blog and watching your podcasts is getting expensive as I want to knit almost everything you show us!!! Speaking of which, what is the sweater on the manikin in episode eight? I missed it somehow. Love your blog and podcasts - Ann

    1. Hi Ann! Ha! You are so sweet. The sweater on the Manikin in Episode 8 is called "rain or shine" It is a great knit and great wear! If you decide to make it, email me or check out my mods... It is definitely drapey because I followed the yarn shops mods... Go up a needle size!
      Let me know if you need help! xx

  2. oh what a brilliant idea! THese are adorable, and so useful! I'll have to try it.

    1. Thanks Julie! I not only love that they are fun and fast to make but that they come to about 29cents/scrubbie! xx

  3. Anonymous9/12/2020

    Exfoliant! Now you've got my attention. Got about 20 years exfoliating to do. I'd better get knitting.

  4. I cast on my fifth scrubby last night. This is a fun pattern. You must knit faster than I do but on this one, I haven't timed it yet. All the same, I love the freedom to knit something small and watch them multiple in the corner.

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