fall ready

Thursday, September 12, 2019

I'm ready for fall.  I am.  I truly am.  I thought I would be so sad to see summer end.  But you know, I am feeling pretty giddy about fall.  Warm days, cool nights.  I'm IN.
We just came home from 10 days in Lake Tahoe and the last weekend was a gift.  My sisters and husbands traveled out so that we could all be together.  
Time in the Sierra Nevada's.  With my man, my sisters and my Hipster Shawl totally put me in the mood.  I LOVE hand knits!
Lake Tahoe, September 10, 2019
And my family.  ❤️

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  1. I love this Hipster shawl! You did a great job with it. May I please ask you where do you get your distressed jeans? Also, the tan booties in the last photo? Love them!

    1. Hi PT! Thank you! I do love the hipster shawl! Yes... the jeans are from the Gap and the booties are Lucky brand. I think I ordered them from Zappos. :) Let me know if you need any help finding them! xx

  2. You are so very kind to respond AND so quickly. My husband and I are planning a cross-country driving trip from Raleigh, NC, where we live, to Seattle and back next spring. We are calling it the Great American Adventure trip and the Hipster shawl will be my (driving) project. I think it'll be called the Great American Adventure Shawl or maybe the 8,000 Mile Round Trip Shawl!

    I'll check out the Gap for the jeans!

    btw, I am pkett on Ravelry as a way to introduce myself :)

    Have a lovely day.


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