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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

So, I'm in Chesterton, Indiana with my Andrew for a golf tournament and for some reason I was reminded of my Weekender sweater.  You see, I have had some issues with it.

For those of you not familiar with the Weekender sweater, this is what it should look like.  The slipped stitch seam down the center of the front and the back is what is particularly appealing to most.  And, quite honestly, what makes this sweater special.
The sweater is worn on the purl side, but is knit on the knit side.  Andrea did this because most of us prefer the knit stitch over the purl stitch.  (Yes, definitely me!) So, when you are finished knitting, you just flip it purl side out.  However, when I was knitting mine, I alternated the balls of yarn to prevent pooling.  (Turns out that was unnecessary as there wasn't any pooling.)  And I ran my yarn inside (on the purl side) and that was the RIGHT side of the sweater.  🤦‍♀️ I didn't realize this until I was separating for the sleeves.  I decided to just leave it and wear this one so that the knit stitch would be the right side of the sweater.  (Confused yet?)
So here it is before I blocked it. (Knit side out.) I was pretty happy at this point.  I tried it on, it fit nicely.  I decided it would be one of those sweaters I can wear a lot.  I have been wanting a navy sweater so the color is pretty much perfect.
Last week while visiting my sweet mom, I had some time to block it.  I thought drying it in the Florida sunshine would be nice.  Well, Malibrigo Rios is superwash.  And superwash yarn grows.  So, from the washing machine to the dryer it went.  It was reverted to the original size and all was well.  However, it wasn't.  Because, a hole was found in the front of the sweater where the yarn broke somewhere in the process. 😫 I have never had this happen before.   It's currently sitting in time out until I decide what to do. (Chances are I will probably see if I can mend the hole.But I may consider ripping it out. )
In the meantime... I"ll work on a pair of socks.  ☺️

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  1. Oh I am so sorry to hear about the trials and tribulations of your Weekender sweater. Timeout sounds like a great option right now. Sometimes you just try to do everything right and it doesn't work. Hope you don't have to rip out. Best Wishes.


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  2. How upsetting for you. At least it's in something dark. I have a navy linen dress I bought at a huge discount because it has two tiny holes in the front. Nobody ever notices them, and I really have to look. It has worn well also. Give your sweater another bath after you mend it and I bet matters will be much improved.

  3. It’s like this sweater is doomed 😢 lots of tutorials on how to mend knitting. Hope it works , such a lovely sweater 😍

  4. Ah jeez! You can't seem to catch a break (truly, no pun intended!). No doubt that time away will make finding a fix easier. Enjoy those socks!!

  5. i have been wanting to knit this pattern. There's a lovely yarn shop in Pasadena with this as a sample, and now I need one too! By the way, LOVE the seed stitch blanket!!! I have been waiting for YEARS to see it completed....super pretty!