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Thursday, July 12, 2018

I'm not sure if I mentioned my whole quarter plan?  I don't think I did here.  (I did on my YouTube channel which I am going to get back into... soon!) So here goes. :)
I decided this year to break my year up into quarters.  January-March, April-June, July-September, October-December.  Each quarter I would be able to start new projects.  One for the head, heart (thank you, Darby), hands and feet.  So, the head would be hats or scarves.  The heart would be sweaters or shawls, the hands would be, well hands/arms.  The feet would be, well, feet/legs!
And... If I finished the project during those 3 months then I would not be able to start something new. I would have to go to my unfinished projects and work on those.  I hope this helps me from starting too many without finishing my other projects first!

SO... yesterday I started my feet project for this quarter.  They will be socks for Libby and I just loved the color.  It's a Knitcrate sock crate :: yarn and pattern from June.  The five o'clock somewhere socks.  AND... I was so excited to pull out my new small project bag for this project.  LOVE it!  Sandy makes these bags and has a shop update monthly.  The bags can be pretty hard to snag but if you happen to be reading this before noon on the 12th, head on over to her site.  She has an update today!

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  1. perfect timing - sock question!! what is your favorite needle to knit with while making socks? and...what pattern will you be using?

  2. listed the pattern name - size of needle you'll be using? I am considering Signature needles and it seems 3.25 is often used? seems too bit? for socks?...2.25 or 2.5 is typical? I know gauge...ugh!!

    1. Hi! I actually like to use a US size 2 for my socks. The pattern calls for a 1, but I find it too daunting and actually not much difference in my gauge. Try a 2. I think its the perfect fit. :) xx

  3. very pretty and great idea about splitting up the year!

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