Friday, October 06, 2017

I haven't knit many shawls in my life.  Actually, maybe only a handful.  But, wow.  I can see why so many knitters love to knit them.  SO much versatility when you wear a shawl.  And it truly fits anyone.

This was a pattern that was in the March KNITCRATE.  (The monthly subscription where you receive yarn + pattern.) I saw the pattern on Ravely thinking it was the same one.  Which it is.  However, the pattern on Ravelry uses a worsted weight yarn.  And this one used a fingering weight yarn.
Knit out of Crock -O- Dye.  65% Superwash Wool, 20 Nylon and 15% silk.  Super soft.  Super airy.  Warmth without weight.  Gotta love that.

Happy Weekend friends!

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  1. Pretty shawl. I finished a similar one yesterday. Where we live, a light wrap is often all we need in winter.

  2. Anonymous10/07/2017

    I really like your shawl - great color. I have done a couple in heavier weight yarns and they aren't exactly what I expected - very warm, but not great for draping like you are wearing that one.

    I am seriously considering knitting one in a fingering weight yarn so I can also wear it as a scarf - just as soon as I get my other 43 projects done...

    Emjay in northeast Montana

  3. Shawls are something I don't wear often, but love to knit. I think Windswept may have been added to my To-knit list after seeing yours.

  4. So lovely, and it looks super wearable! I don't wear many shawls either, but that looks perfect for fall.

  5. I'm a shawl knitter convert, too. (What is happening to me?!?)

  6. I love knitting shawls. As you said, they fit "everyone". I think that yours turned out great. It looks super cute draped around your neck! Very chic!