the goods

Thursday, May 11, 2017

This was pretty much all I left Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival with.  Well, this and a full stomach due to mouth watering Ribbon Chips.
Two skeins of Mountain Mohair, a worsted wool from Green Mountain Spinnery.  A pattern to make the boot toppers from my previous post.  And, a darling project bag from Madder Root, along with a new tattoo.  Ya.  It's a press on tattoo.  But, if ever I get a tattoo, you better believe it is going to look EXACTLY like that one.

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  1. It all looks wonderful, but I LOVE the tattoo!!

    1. meet too, nikki! i am totally protecting it so it doesn't wash off too quickly! HA! xx

  2. Replies
    1. ha! thank you kindly. this would be IT in my tattoo world... if only i wasn't a chicken. :) xx

  3. I want to amass a whole collection of temporary knitters tattoos now that I've seen that one. Xo

  4. oooh, a lovely rich grey green. and how fun for the temp tattoos!