Tuesday, May 31, 2016

It's peony season around here and that makes me SO happy.  Are those the most unbelievable flowers?!  Like most things in life, I just wish peony season lasted longer.

The random number generator chose 3 numbers/names to give those awesome MOODmatchers a try.
#69:: Lasavin
#38 :: Nia
#104 :: Kellie Engle
Please email me.  (lesliemfriend @ gmail dot com)

I have my sweet Libby next to me asking me to google a big snickerdoodle for our cookie this week.  Like the ones from Starbucks.  And, she wants me to head to the kitchen and make some.  Right now.  It's 10:11pm.  It's not gonna happen.  But if you have any suggestions for a Snickerdoodle like Starbucks,  we'd love to know.  xx

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  1. you mean like the toffee doodle? that cookie is dangerously good. i'll check back to see what you find out! (love the peonies!)

    1. i MUST make those toffee doodles! i forgot all about them. putting heath bits on my list! xx

  2. I made a pan of snicker doodle brownies las t week. Seriously. Good. Blonde brownie with cinnamon sugar sandwiched between layers