chalk lots mothers day sale

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Hey friends!  I forgot to mention that the Chalk Lots are on sale to celebrate MOM'S DAY!
Available in either Graham Cracker or...

I have the most wonderful memories with my kids gathered around the table with Chalk Lots.  Drawing, doing homework, playing games and leaving funny notes.  They are always on our table.  The best is when their friends come over and leave us funny drawings. It truly makes me happy down to the core.

Chalk Lots helps get our kids engaged with their sweet mamas!  Unplug and draw funny faces, play games, work out those times tables and write lots of LOVE notes! (Not to mention, a list of their chores!)

In celebration of our amazing moms, aunts, grandmothers and sisters out there in the world, Chalk Lots are 25% off through May 9.  Enter THANKYOUMOM at checkout.

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  1. You make the prettiest illustrations in chalk!

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