Wednesday, March 16, 2016

There is something just so magical about Hawaii.  (That is Molokai , in the distance, hidden beneath the clouds.)
Steve's beautiful mother is turning 90 and wanted to go back to a place she once called home.  A place that held many family vacations.  And her favorite place in the great big world.  Napili Bay, the north west corner of Maui.   
There are no high-rises.  The beaches are relatively uncrowded.  The water clear and perfect for snorkeling.  The mood?  Well, wonderful.
This trip, I was particularly drawn to the delicious produce and hit a farmers market almost everyday.
 Can you believe the size of this avocado.  I have never seen a bigger one in my life!
 And these beauties?  They are sweet, delicious limes.
We also had apple bananas and strawberry papaya.  Huh?!
 Sunflower greens?  Where have I been?  Full of healthy protein providing all the amino acids needed to repair and grow muscles as well as many other great benefits.   (Although, I just imagined the beautiful sunflower they were one day going to be.)
A plate full of all the earthly grown gifts, everyday, for lunch.  Incuding, a sweet Maui Onion, of course.
 Coconuts cut to order.  Fresh as fresh can be.
And literally filled to the brim with their delicious water.  
 And this little gift?  The real deal coconut macaroon.  A M A Z I N G !
This photo.  Because the world is so big.  And we are so small.
And this boy... (I have no idea who he is) is adventurous!

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  1. Welcome home! I hope you savor the birthday memories for a long time to come.

  2. Okay, where is that green button?

  3. Looks fabulous! So glad you enjoyed your time there with your family!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xo

  4. oooh, talk about a dream vacation!! It looks like it was magical, and flat-out delicious morning to night.

  5. So, so beautiful - thank you for sharing. Definitely a post to go back to time and time again....

  6. Yummy and beautiful...cant beat that combo :)

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