sweet sixteen

Thursday, November 12, 2015

 Sixteen years.
Some of it is such a blur.
 This boy of mine has added so much joy and so much depth to our lives.
 Chalk Lots to greet him.  Sixteen balloons.  Five friends for Pad Thai from his favorite Thai restaurant.
 And a chocolate cake with green frosting.  Just like last year.

A trip to the DMV tried to happen.  But we weren't prepared with our forms.
But soon, there will be a new driver on the roads. (Isn't he just a baby!)

Happy weekend, friends!

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  1. So many reasons to celebrate. Happy birthday, Andrew!

  2. He and Ryan could be brothers...just different hair color! Good luck with the driving!

  3. Happy birthday to this young man. Sorry DMV didn't work on the first try. I love how you make these cakes. That's an awesome tradition.

  4. Happy birthday, Andrew!

  5. Happy birthday, Andrew!

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