a different thumb for toasty

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Have you ever been somewhere when your pattern calls for you to place live stitches on a holder and you don't have the correct materials to do so? Ya, me too.  And that is pretty much why I did this thumb and have grown to like it.  Not that I won't sometimes go back to the other thumb.  But, this one just works, too.  So, I thought I would show you in case you would like to give it a try.
And for my visual friends (Hi Barbara!) I thought I'd not only tell you, but show you.

The pattern is Toasty.  Remember there is Toast, too.  No thumb to even knit in Toast!
There is also always a link in my sidebar.

After 7" of working the pattern in the round, start working stockinette.  Purl a row, Knit a row.
Work for 9 rounds.  Thumb opening will measure 1.5 inches.
Join to work in the round again and knit until above thumb opening measures 2-2.5 inches.
Bind off.
Pick up 15 stitches around thumb opening.
Knit for 5 rounds.  Bind off.
Sew in your ends.
Wave to your friends.

Hi friends!

Cast on again and repeat.  :)

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  1. I have been a fan of this pattern for many years. With this clear and colorful tutorial, I bet that you've inspired many folks to get out their dp needles and a bit of yarn. Stripes are a great touch, along this that thumb!


  2. loveit! I added a thumb with my toasty mittens, but I don't think it looks as good as yours, this is a great tutorial!

  3. This past Christmas, I knit a pattern that did this technique for the thumbs. I love how easy it is.

  4. Tricky, tricky! I like it and will be giving it a try very soon. I seriously have been stalking your blog for days (weeks!) waiting for a new thumb. I knit three pair of toasty in the mean time. ;-)

  5. you are too cute! i'm waving back!

  6. nice tutorials--thank a bunch (of daffodils! lol) Hugs, Julierose

  7. Thank you! T & Ty are terrific patterns. Thank you for the mod.

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