spring break 2015

Thursday, April 09, 2015

My mother took my sister's and me to London when we were young.  I couldn't wait to dig out the photos when we returned from our trip last week.  I have 9 photos.  They each were so special and brought back a flood of memories.  I hold those photos so dear to my heart.  It was a such special time.  And a wonderful trip.
I also couldn't wait to download the photos from our trip last week.  We had a fabulous time and I think my children will hold it and the photos close to their hearts.  But they will have about 600 photos.  Ha!
 We arrived in the Fizrovia neighborhood feeling a little woozy from our travels but totally excited to explore.
And, these 10 feet took us around town feeling very grateful.

Excerpts from Andrews journal (That he dictated for me! )
 Notting Hill.  Beautiful.  Portobello Market.  Take more cash next time.  Fabulous flee market finds.  Bought: nothing.  Pizza for lunch at a corner Pub. 
Some of us were very tired.  (Too tired to even smile.) 
Just want to head back to the flat to go to sleep.  Libby and I slept so hard we never heard when mom set off the fire alarm.  Ya, she pushed the button thinking it was the light switch and it went off for 5 minutes until Steve could figure out how to turn it off.  
We went on the London Eye.  A must to see all of London.  
 Big Ben looked, well, Big.  
 We went on a tour through the tower of London.  It was really cool.  The Ravens were cool, too. We went to mass at Westminster Abbey.  It was so much fun to see where Kate and Prince William were married.  (I made my mom wake me up in when I was in fifth grade to see the entire wedding.)
We went to a Pub for fish and chips.  I was bummed the drinking age was 18.  Steve took us to the Grenadier.  It was so cool.  There was money attached all over the ceiling to pay off a man's debt that was killed because he apparently cheated at a game of cards.  They say it is haunted.  I didn't feel any ghosts.
We went to the Natural History Museum.  There was a Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit. It was amazing.  I liked the photo of the scorpion that the 8 year old took.  Liesl, Libby and mom went to the V & A to see the Alexander McQueen Exhibit and then to have tea.  While, Steve and I went to the Imperial War Museum.  I felt like I was traveling through time and proud to be an American. 
We went to Duck and Waffle to eat lunch.  The lift took us 40 stories up and is on the outside of the building.  Libby was afraid.  She doesn't like heights.  Mom took us to Wool and The Gang where we met Ali.  Mom really loves her yarn.  And then we went to see Abbey Road and try to reenact the Beatles album cover.  I was totally embarrassed.  We had dinner and then went to the theater to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.    It was awesome!
Mom, Libby and I went to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guards and then met Steve at the British Museum.  Libby and I were tired, so we sat most of the time in the lobby, while mom and Steve looked at the Lewis Chessmen, the Mummies and they really liked the Big Marbles.  We then went to get Liesl after her classes and took a train to Taplow then to the Taplow House.  We had dinner in the hotel restaurant and then played a game with Belinda and Samir.  Two other hotel guests who asked if we wanted to play.  It was really great laughing and listening to them talk.
 We were told the queen was in the Castle which was fun to know.  I loved that old Windsor Castle.  

The last day was spent with the France family.  (Mom is going to tell you all about that in her next post. ) And then to the Hinds Head for dinner.  Yumm!

I loved England.  And can't wait to go back.  


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  1. Sounds as if you all had a fantastic time in London. I admit that my favorite photo was the one of the red phone box over the road from the V&A. I know that location so very well. (If you were to click over to my site, and go back in time a bit, you'd find lots of photographs from South Ken.)


  2. Green with envy here. What a Cool trip.

  3. Thank you for this great glimpse into your trip. It sounds splendid and made me miss big family vacations like I used to take with my parents! Looking forward to hearing more about it all!

  4. Amazing voice in this post as well as lovely, vivid pictures. I love my armchair visit. Can't wait to read it again

  5. Anonymous4/10/2015

    Loved reading this. My family of 6 went to London after Christmas. It is hard to loose the jet lag!

  6. Thank you for showing us these pics, they make your trip look like it was fabulous. And you have a lovely family!

  7. Oh what a treasure of a trip! Love the journals you made them - how fabulous. Gorgeous pictures and memories to last forever. xx

  8. Excellent journal keeping! what a great trip! x o

  9. ah, love this! glad you had a great trip.

  10. Matt declared London as his all time favorite city after his visit last spring. He can't wait to get back and drink in the pubs! Glad you had a great time!

  11. Leslie, I am really so happy for you and your family. What a lovely trip and awesome recap! Also.... "Mom really loves her yarn". Seriously!!! Love it all so much.

  12. LOVE IT!! Sounds like you had a blast.Li