to do on a sort of snowy day

Monday, March 03, 2014

What can you do when they forecast a big snow storm to hit your area on a Sunday?

Soften butter on the counter, put on comfy clothes, make creamy tomato basil sauce and homemade bread, take a nap, drink a lot of tea, watch a movie, and knit a hat.

It's another great pattern from Spider Woman Knits.  (Remember the Cowl!)

I have received so much joy from her free patterns, I think it's time I contribute a little something to her.

Happy Monday!

P. S.  I used this yarn.

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  1. Sounds like a perfect day! We've had sun and great weather...and I'm stuck inside finishing work projects I put off back when the weather was icky. Enjoy your day for both of us!

  2. Is that Libby? OMG she is gorgeous! What a fun hat and it sounds like the perfect day.

  3. As a newbie on the Snowday routine, I appreciate your layout. :D And the hat is adorable! Time for some stash-diving.

  4. Great hat, and Breakfast Club...oh the memories.

  5. I've been reading you for years and yet I look again today and wonder when Libby became a young lady. We measure our children through our own blogs, but sometimes it's looking at those of "friends" that we realise how much time has really passed.