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Thursday, March 20, 2014

A friend of mine was looking for a pair of cabled fingerless mitts.  I scoured ravelry for a pattern that would be quick and came up with these.  Love them.  I'm excited to be passing them on to her tomorrow.

Pattern:  Blue Monday
Yarn:  Stash, washable wool.
Needles:  US 7
Modifications:  I knit one more cable repeat after the thumb.  A k2, p2 instead of the seed stitch cuff.  And, knit 7 rows for the thumb instead of 3.

I had a much needed manicure today in honor of the first day of spring.  Hello, romper room.

Happy Spring!

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  1. They look great!! Enjoy your manicure. xx

  2. These look chic! I like that purple. Cables are always classic.

  3. Very nice wrist warmers! Especially with the modifications you've made. Will keep the pattern in mind for next winter :) Happy spring to you too!!

  4. I like those - I've been thinking about wrist warmers too... must be the time of year! :)

  5. Maureen3/22/2014

    Love the the color...and especially love the modifications you made to the pattern! They're beautiful!

  6. Love, love the fingerless gloves! So happy it's going to be cold next week. I'll be wearing them all week with the raccoon! Thank you so much! You are so sweet.