what's making me happy right now

Thursday, November 28, 2013

There are so many things that I am grateful for.  Obviously, the really big things like my children, our health, my parents, my sisters, our health, the rest of the family, the roof over our heads, our health, my friends, you, my jobs.   But then, there are those things that fill me with joy on a daily basis.  Things I get excited about and pass the thoughts on to my children.  HOW AWESOME IS THIS! I just made coffee!  And i get to DRINK it!
A few other things:
the amazing morning skies  the autumn leaves thrown around on the ground  borrowed socks  trying out new perfumes  charlie's hair the smell of pumpkin spice coffee  the way trouble lifts her head to see me walk by  my green tea  new yarn the november issue of family fun...the place matsputting on my jammies early andrews obsession with shoes coconut oil as moisturizer pumpkin cheesecake for breakfast the chatter at the kitchen table  making waffles  libbys braids  the evening skies  flannel sheets 

How about you?  I'd love to hear what's making you happy right now.

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  1. I'm glad that you have so many lovely things and people to make you happy! xx

  2. I am actually tinking about similar post like this. Already for a few days. My knitting, my kids, my husband, the health improvements of my sis, every smile of each of my kids. Every day, that I live. Taht´s all.

  3. quiet moments of kiddos playing together.
    with two young boys this is a rarity.
    happy thanksgiving ;)

  4. my great niece asked me to knit slippers for her for Christmas !
    I was so happy with the commotion of all the folks at our Thanksgiving gathering last night.

  5. Anonymous11/29/2013

    A good movie to start the week-end, bying books :), sweet moments of crocheting or knitting or cross-stitching, sitting alone and letting go all my thoughts, painting with no aim of a 'great picture', decorating the kids` room, my daughters touching my ears, oh, I have a long list!

  6. YOU make me happy!!! So thankful!!!

  7. There is much to be thankful for in the daily life I lead like a 10 mile run this morning with my BRF and one heck of a sunrise, a movie date with my whole family, a warm handknit cowl around my neck while we picked out our Christmas tree, a sweet husband who is hanging our lights right now, piles of laundry (which remind me how blessed we are to have clothes to wear), Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner, healthy kids and loads more. Thanks for reminding me to delight in the moment.

  8. PS. Super excited to see your placemats get recognized. We had ours out for Thanksgiving dinner. Who needs placecards when we have chalkboard mats?