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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's been a very exciting November over here.  
 My girl, Libby, turned 16.  Sarah asked how that was possible.  I know!  Yes, I was just knitting her knee socks.  We had her bestie, Molly, over for dinner and ate Panera's Cream of Broccoli Soup.  Again.
It's Libby's all time favorite.  I bought it this year cause I was out of time.  I usually make it.
{Current state of the Den.} 
We had a golf season that was celebrated and trips to take.
 Andrew turned 14 on the 12th.  I know!
 Chicken parmesan was requested along with a blue cake.  I aim to please.
A total of 30 balloons came into this house this November.  Crazy.  And here is the fourteen year old looking extremely excited to hold his fourteen balloons.  (I tell him how he will LOVE these pictures one day.  Ha!)
This birthday really DID count.  How cool was that?!

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  1. Happy birthday to Libby and Andrew!

  2. I love your photo round ups! I can't believe Libby and Andrew are 16 and 14! That means I have been reading your blog for a handful of years now. I never tire of the balloons and the cakes. What I love is that you customize your traditions. I foresee a progression of photos (filmstrip style) from the first balloon to the 18th!

  3. Hey, YOU!

    I buzz in and out of the blogging world, but I pop over to visit. Yes, I do. I cannot believe your youngest are 16 and 14! Where has the time gone??!! Hope all of you are doing well and celebrating LIFE! It's true what they say, about appreciating the little things as we get older. I've some catching up to do. :)

    Peace out and birthday blessings in abundance this November!

  4. Anonymous11/21/2013

    Such happy occasions and such beautiful kids. I want to be your daughter and get balloons and a cake on my birthday! :)

  5. Bobbie in AK11/21/2013 Birthday
    Very Cool!
    My DD turns 16 in a few weeks. They grow up so fast!

    Happy belated B-Day to both.

  6. I was just telling Claire I wished she'd turned 10 or 14 on the 12th... not just because it would be cool, but because we'd have that much more time with her - it's her last bday with us before college... so sad. I don't know how it goes so fast! Enjoy the years you have left with them at home, Missy! (Though they do sometimes make it hard...) And happy happy to both of them!

  7. Big birthdays! Woo-hoo!

  8. awww Happy happy to all

  9. time flies! happy happy to all of you. xo.

  10. Happy birthday, Libby and Andrew! And seriously, weren't they just little kids when I started reading this blog?! How on earth did they grow up so fast?! (And this probably means I need to watch my own little guy for signs of growing up...)