saving sunday

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Sarah has decided to save Sunday's.

Just a tiny bit of the day.
{This is the moment I noticed the white picnic table in our backyard. Under the trees. Half in the pachysandra, half in the grass. It is rotting with chipping paint and should be taken to the dump. I can't bare the thought. And today, it looked amazing decorated with the fallen leaves. I'm pretty sure I'll keep it around for another year. If it can weather another winter.}
Join along if you'd like.
Here's to another beautiful week!

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  1. Anonymous10/09/2011

    saving sundays sound like a great idea!
    and this image of autumn is lovely! hopefully the table will survive the winter :-)

  2. I saw her post and thought it was a great idea! it inspired me to make sure I had taken a picture of this beautiful day, so I could save a memory.

  3. Aww. thanks for the shout out. it's like taking a breath before I dive in! have a great week!

  4. Very pretty leaves.

  5. Nice tablecloth ! I like the idea of saving Sundays too. I'll join you next week.

  6. this is a great plan...i joined in. thanks for sharing.....pop by and have a peek ;)

    oh and have i told you again how much i love my chalk board place mats?