kendama winners

Thursday, October 06, 2011

So sorry to keep all you Kendama lovers waiting! I wish I could bake you a cake.

Libby used the above from Trader Joes's to make cupcakes. Pretty darn good. I would buy both again, in a minute. Probably because I love the packaging so much!
Okay... the five Kendama winners:
202: orinda7
14: susie
191: Robert Heister
315: Missy
Please e-mail me (address in side-bar) with your contact info so your Kendama's can get into action!
If interested in ordering off the KendamaUSA website, there are still about 15 orders left to receive the 15% off. (Enter the code "afriendtoknitwith" at checkout.)
Enjoy this day!

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  1. Anonymous10/06/2011

    I like the packaging too, it has a very vintage look.

  2. I am almost relieved that I didn't win because I can see myself standing in the same spot for hours trying to get it. I must delete Angry Birds from my phone too. How ARE you?

  3. Bobbie in AK10/06/2011

    Congrats to the winners! I ordered two for Christmas gifts.

  4. Anonymous10/07/2011

    Thanks so much for arranging this discount. I just bought one for my kids. Also, I, too, have been getting into TJ's baking mixes. The pumpkin bread is great (I use it to make muffins and I add chocolate chips) and the apple spice is good too (I add flax meal and oat bran and no one knows the difference!).

  5. Promptly went to Trader Joe's and bought the mixes! You are my inspiration!
    xox M

  6. Our kendama order arrived this past week! Can't wait to wrap them up and give them away at Christmas! Thanks for sharing all your favorite things with us!

  7. The packaging is so adorable..I may have to go to TJ just for them. I'll save the boxes and make them part of my decor

  8. I am suzie's son and I just received my kendama and I am amazed! It is very addicting and extremely fun. I just wanted to thank you so much for it and I will have lots of fun. Thanks again!!