Thursday, July 19, 2007

One of Libby's friends organized a summer book club. Such a great idea. Early in the summer they met at the book store to pick out the book, together. Rules by Cynthia Lord, a Newbery Honor book, was their choice. The girls love it. We gave them eight chapters to read, and they hated having to wait until their meeting to continue reading.

Yesterday, we hosted the first book club in our sun room. I have never been in a book club. I personally can't find the time to read books. Blogs, yes. I love reading those! But give me a book, and I just want to take a nap. In the evening I would rather knit. Heck anytime I would rather knit. However, I did purchase the The Double Bind by Chris Bohjalian, with the recommendation of an employee, and I am bound and determined to finish this book. (as soon as I start it) Anyone ever read this? Is it worth taking time away from my knitting?

My Libby is such a list maker. Summary, check. Favorite chapter, check. Ice-cream, check. Lemonade, check. Cookies, check. I guess these are all of the essentials for a successful book club meeting.
Next time Libby thought maybe we should also teach the other two girls how to knit! Hmmm....Now we are talking! :)

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  1. How cute! Your Libby sounds like a great girl!

    I feel the same way you do on reading. Although, once and awhile I will pick up and finish a book. Let me know what you think of Double Bind.


  2. Anonymous7/19/2007

    How nice that your children can make their own fun! I think a knitting club would be so sweet - to pass that down to a new generation.

    I feel the way you do; I would much rather knit than almost anything else. I did buy a book last week called, "Love Walked In" by Marisa de los Santos. I've read two chapters...

  3. Anonymous7/19/2007

    I did read Double Bind- it's really good. The story will stay with you for awhile after you finish.

    I love that your daughter is having a summer book club. So sweet!

  4. I want to join the book club! Libby sounds like a fabulous girl and list maker.
    I like to read. Its definitely taken a hit since I started knitting, but I usually read late at night in bed whn I cant sleep, so really, It doesn't cut into my knit time-just sleep time.

  5. Anonymous7/19/2007

    So cute, what a wonderful idea!

  6. Yes, books put me to sleep as well, and that's unfortunate since I am an academic and supposed to be doing research!;)

    I am deeply impressed by all of the 'make your own kind of fun' activities going on over at your place...those are the kinds of things that children remember when they're older.

  7. Anonymous7/19/2007

    That is so cute. I love to read...but I have found that my love for knitting trumps now I knit to audio books. I read every now and then...but the knitting to audio's very in in vogue right now (sure, I have no idea...but I am doing it!)

  8. Anonymous7/19/2007

    What a great idea!! Our local library has summer book clubs and I can't wait until my girls are old enough to join.

  9. Anonymous7/19/2007

    I love it! What is it about girls and lists? I find the lists my girls make all over the house.

  10. I've never been in a book club either. When I was Libby's age I spent my summers reading. I do still love to read, but since knitting occupies so much of my free time it takes me extra long to finish a book!

  11. You are so sneaky...2x and not one word of the post! I wish I lived close, I would love to be in your book club ~ or knit club. That little Libby... what a doll.

  12. It is always between knitting and reading for me too, and knitting always wins! If i read, i nap. Love the checklist!

  13. Anonymous7/20/2007

    book club here i come. especially if it involves all those goodies. continue to enjoy your knitting!

  14. Anonymous7/20/2007

    Sounds like a pretty awesome book club. I listen to a lot of audio books from the library. I've usually got one going in the car and one in my studio. Multitasking is my middle name :)

  15. That is a great summer idea. I read at night when I go to bed. I usually get maybe if I am lucky 2 pages read before I fall asleep in my book.....literally!!

  16. Looks like the lemonade & ice cream were hits. I read Before You Know Kindness by Chris Bohjalian & I liked it very much. I would love to start all the Harry Potters.

  17. This book club idea is a great idea. How old are the kids? Just curious to know some other reading suggestions for my daughter. She is 11- This type social -reading group is right up her alley.

  18. I like reading before bed now for exactly the reason you don't enjoy reading. It makes me just drowsy enough after about a chapter.

    Libby is really too cute for words. I think I have two budding Libby's of my own at home.