cherries anyone?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Can you tell I just got a new camera?

I did a little sewing this past weekend. After seeing gobs of gals (this one in particular) on their blogs, wearing their aprons, it gave me the urge to make one!
Years ago I bought yards of this cherry fabric to make Libby a duvet cover and never got around to it. We both also lost interest in decorating her room with cherries. My sister got me The Apron Book and I decided to break it out.

It really was sew easy!

I just had to post this picture. It cracks me up! Me,in my Uggs, wearing a cherry apron! HA!
Now it is time for me to get acquainted with my new little friend.

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  1. Anonymous1/23/2007

    Lwslie, it looks great! I am so happy you dove in to the stop: tie one on!

  2. Anonymous1/23/2007


  3. I am a HUGE cherries fan. I love to eat them and I love anything with cherries on them!

    Email me at graphicdesignchick at hotmail dot com, so when you comment on my blog, I can respond to you via email. I hate leaving comments on people's blogs to respond to a comment they've left on my blog - that pertains nothing to their blog post! :)

    Have a nice day, Robyn

  4. That is great, I wih I could sew. Maybe someday! I was just watching The Today Show & had a segment on about how sewing circles are making a comeback thanks to Project Runway. They featured a neat store called
    Check it out!

  5. Anonymous1/24/2007

    love the new camera....the cherries look so good. The apron looks great too.

  6. Anonymous1/24/2007

    The apron is great!! Yummy cherries too!

  7. Leslie! You are so talented, your photos always look lovely! I am excited to see what comes from you new toy!

  8. Anonymous1/24/2007

    Looks so cute! Love the tough boots and the sweet apron together.

  9. Your apron is AWESOME! Did you see the movie The Hours? Meryl Streep wears an apron in that movie that I covet - Is there a pattern like that apron in your book?!